At Stageled we are fully up to date with the latest technology in LED products available on the market. We work with several manufacturers and suppliers meeting high quality standards. Whatever your requirements we offer the components adapted to your project.

Stageled offers a huge variety of LED luminaires from different european high-class manufacturers.
Are you looking for recessed spots, wall or ceiling lamps?
Are you looking for lighting solutions for your facade, garden, pool or interior lighting? We are happy to provide you with a selection of products according to your individual needs.

Would you like to experience the luminosity & functionality of our products? - Visit us at our offices in the Zeisehallen Hamburg.

If any product you need is not available on the market we can offer you a tailor made solution. For more information on this subject please click here:
Custom made solutions

Stageled is partner of:
DGA ACDC Lighting
Flos Soft Architecture Traxon Technologies
Osram Erco
Martini Light Viabizzuno
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