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In cooperation with the technical department of the KAMPNAGEL Theatre in Hamburg and LUXA Stageled developed an LED based stairlight.
The tribune of the largest hall (600 seats) was formerly lit by 7W incandesent lightbulbs, which had a lot of disadvantages for the theatre:
1. Before each show, the technicians needed to make sure that all lightbulbs were still working and exchange those out of order, which consumed a considerable amount of time and money.
2. As the stairlighting is also used as emergency lighting, it is switched on at all times, which resulted in high costs for energy consumption.
3. The lightbulbs produced a huge amount of light pollution, which caused a considerable amount of lighting spillage on stage during black outs.

Stairled solved these problems:
1. The Luxeon (tm) LEDs used have a lifetime of up to 50.000h and are shock resistant. Since the system has been commissioned (Aug 05) no lamp has been exchanged.
2. Stairled has a maximun power consumption of 1,2W and is not run on full power compared to the 7W lightbulbs used before.
3. Due to the single point light source of the LED it is easy to define the hotspot of the lamp. Stairled offers an adjustable hotspot, which are adaptable in their inner casing. The hotspot illuminates only the stair and does not distribute any light pollution on stage.

Press: Bühnentechnische Rundschau 5/05

Kampnagel: Development and production of the LED stairlight Stairled