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Amitabha Retreat Centre

On a hill above Kathmandu in Nepal the buddhist Amitabha Retreat Centre has been finalized in 2011.

Stageled was commissioned to create the lighting design for the centre.

While the basic lighting has been realized via conventional lighting, Stageled specified LED lighting for special areas and elements.
Inside the six-story high main building with 8 different temples all statues, thankas and wall-paintings etc. have been lit with LEDs.

The decision to use LED lighting was made by the client, because of the clear light LEDs are emitting. Another important factor is, that the non- UV LED light does not harm the sensitive and valuable exhibits in the temples.
Due to the intelligent control system it is possible to easily select specific lighting atmospheres on special occassions.

Amitabha Retreat Centre: Lighting design for a buddhist centre in Nepal