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> LED RGB panel with special measurements
> Material: Acrylic with anodized aluminium frame
> low depth (15mm), available in various dimensions

The shown example consists of two panels with a width of 110mm each and a length of 2900mm and 1700mm.
The tiles are controlled via a stand-alone colour changing LED control and a remote control.

The remote control offers the following features:
> 4 preprogrammed dynamic colour cycles
> 4 dynamic colour cycles through storable static colours
> 4 static colours can be easily set and stored
> The speed of the dynamic cycles can be altered, as well as the wait time of the main colours
> A freeze function allows to stop the dynamic cycles at any given colour
> The brightness of the preprogrammed dynamic cycles is dimmable

The panels are also available in combination with different LED RGB controls and interfaces.

Custom made colour changing tile