Lighting design

Every room and every object needs its own light.
Light plays an essential part in our lives and has a considerable effect on our overall well-being. By the use of white and coloured light, in combination with daylight we create worlds which adapt to the client´s needs. Static lighting is a relic from the past. In a world of fast changes and impermanence it is essential that the lighting of a space can easily adapt to new situations and needs. By using latest, energy-saving LED technology and intelligent control systems we develop lighting solutions which are beneficial to both people and the environment.
We offer a personalised service according to the customer´s requirements.

Light Control Systems

With size and complexity of an application the light control requirements are increasing.
From simple stand-alone solutions to complex controls integrated in an intelligent living system We are experienced with several systems from different manufacturers and support you in finding the optimized solution in regard to functionality and budget.
Our full-service includes the implementation, programming and updating of your system.

Custom made solutions

Special projects require specialist solutions. Even if the solution you are looking for is not available on the market we are the right partner for you. In collaboration with product designers and engineers we develop tailor made solutions of all kinds.
Services: Lighting design, LED luminaires, control systems and custom made items